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YEARS OF Salar-E-Millat Educational Trust

Hailing from a politically influential family whose members devoted themselves to the educational betterment of socially and educationally backward communities since 1950s, Habeeb-e-Millat Akbar Uddin Owaisi has been working relentlessly and resolutely towards the long-term goal of ensuring advantageous positions for them in educational and employment domains. In 1999, after becoming the MLA of Chandrayangutta, a constituency with a long history of socio-economic backwardness, he began using his political and social clout and personal wealth to develop a chain of best-equipped, high-standard schools in the older parts of Hyderabad where the AIMIM has seven MLAs. Continuously representing this prestigious constituency, the Floor Leader of AIMIM in the Telangana Legislative Assembly and Chairman of the high-powered Public Accounts Committee (PAC), his commitment to education has remained passionate to ensure children get the best of education to qualify later in open competitive examinations for civil services, IITs and IIMs. He took upon himself the onerous task of improving the educational status of the communities by running a string of educational institutions with bespoke facilities that charge no fees and donations and provide books and other requirements free of cost. He strongly believes educating communities will help in the development of the whole nation, and brings about social transformation and economic amelioration. Sustained educational advancement can pull the long-neglected communities out of their economic, social and political morass. His mission is bearing good results as the world gets further globalized and technology-driven, with educated youngsters at the forefront. A child without good education will be like a bird without wings. Expect several other projects and programs coming their way as he leads a ‘change movement’ from the front for tangible and long-lasting results.

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The journey started in 1999, when I contested for the Legislative Assembly polls in Chandrayangutta constituency, my commitment was to bring top-notch education to our children’s doorsteps and ensure they carry school bags with pride. The Holy Quran emphasizes the value of knowledge acquisition, and the community plays a vital role in providing our children with high-quality education and nurturing them in the right direction. Today, SEMET operates an impressive network of 14 schools, educating over 15,000 students. Additionally, we have provided skills development opportunities to more than 100,000 women and organise over 50 community activities every year. During the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, floods in Hyderabad, and other occasions, SMET went beyond enhancing educational facilities in Hyderabad. We took up various community welfare initiatives to support and uplift the people. The list of our accomplishments and projects in the socio-economic and education sectors is extensive and never-ending. We remain dedicated to serving because we firmly believe in creating meaningful and long-lasting transformations in people’s lives, contributing to the growth of our beloved nation, INDIA.


Schools running with world class amenities


Students in 14 schools


Women empowered through skills program


Students prepared for competitive exams every year


Medical camps organized so far


Families supported during COVID-19 pandemic